Must we go through the wire every single day? Sometimes it is really tiring and spirit breaking. But life, as they say, is a learning process, which only ends when you stop breathing.

The saga that is my life continues – this time round getting some on-the-side lessons about some nitty gritties of life. I thought I was in the dark, lakini am a bit near the ivy league. No, I’m not talking about getting outrightly naughty – that has a measure of it’s own and I don’t think I can join that group.

Mine is the subte one. I am making baby steps and progress bit by bit. Remember the kinky ish your mama wouldn’t tell you while you were growing up? Yeah! It’s best to learn than to find yourself with a baby (read full grown man with a large appetite int he bedroom), and you do not know what to give him when he cries uncontrollable after the first feed (read dinner). This is no laughing matter. There is a reason some people remain single for what seems to others (and themselves) as an eternity. It is because they are still in class – taking extra lessons in the journey of life.

Ironical?! Not really, I find it intriguing. And boy, am I lucky to be among the chosen few. I’m enjoying every single minute of my life you know. I am learning things I’d never have known otherwise. Lol! (evil laugh). When I finally get onto the stage, I shall put forth my best performance ever – and I shall surely get a winner’s applause to last me a lifetime to come.

I cannot deny that I have some amount of vanity in me – and I don’t feel sorry about it. That is me. What is life without a bit of vanity in it. Halo! That is what defines each of us. I mean, if you don’t have a picket fence, then your garden is going to get all manner of strays trampling over your flowers, and we don’t want that do we now? Right, so I feel nothing being whom I am. I mean, I am still human aint I? Now, if having OCD is vanity, then I am guilty. If holding back sometimes is vanity, I am guilty twice. If keeping to myself sometimes is vanity, hey, I love my own company once in a while – don’t you? If going out to do something instead of waiting for someone else (most times the person responsible for that activity), to do it is vanity, then I am guilty for the umpteenth time.

Ha ha ha ha! Today, is always the first day of the rest of my life. I don’t want to waste my precious years worrying about things I can not possibly change. This life is too short to keep worrying about how to change the chameleone’s colour to something constant.

Have a nice day now.


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