My Interesting Life

I am human, just like anyone  or rather everyone else. I got feelings, ambitions – I suffer from a broken spirit once in a while but I got to pull myself together and move another step, take another breath, try at a door to see if it will open, talk to someone different and learn more from them, or just share their experience, which in all sense of the word, is different from mine.

Life is like a quilt, many pieces sewn together to make one big quilt that will shield you from the winter cold. The two don’t compare, I know. By life, I mean, other people. People need people to compliment them. Someone lends you an ear, another an arm, another their heart, another their creativity, and life goes on in that manner. Ever heard of the phrase that friend come for a reason a season and … I forgot the last bit. So, everyone you meet is there to serve a certain purpose in your life. To help you move from one point to the next. It is best to choose wisely. Amongst the many pieces we got to sew together to make that quilt, there are those pieces that are loose or worn and will not hold.

I have met my fair share of the pieces that won’t hold – some that are just best got rid off because they do not fit the job at hand. Some have been good, ones that you piece together strategically because you know they will put a smile on your face every time you pull out the quilt and spread it on top of the linen on your well spread bed (which is your life every step of the way).

This year, I have decided, despite the many pieces that I have thrown away, leaving me with very few pieces to make my quilt, I shall stand undeterred and trudge on forward. It’s better to have one dove in hand than two in the bush right? So,I work with what I have at hand. It is said that, when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade. And I add, make some lemonade to quench your thirst as you go through the long winding road that is life.

I have learned, if someone doesn’t like my face, it’s not my fault. I cannot be a judge lest I am also harshly judged, it is said, measure for measure. You cannot please everybody. There are those to whom you are a bother, a nuisance, a pain … it is inevitable. It is human nature, and like I said earlier, I am human, like everyone else. No matter how carefully each of us is nurtured, nature always has the final word on how things should be.


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