If I were to lie awake at night
Just thinking
Or worrying
Or crying
Or wishing
Or plotting
Or hoping
Then by day break
I’d be more than just tired
I’d be irritable
I’d be sleepy
I’ll almost be dysfunctional
A zombie

Worry only bring ill health
Crying leaves you with sore ‘dry’ eyes
Wishing … well it’s just that, wishing
Plotting, most times evil plotting
Hoping … for a better tomorrow
And come morning
You’ll have to crawl out of the linen
Make yourself presentable
Ready to face the New World
New World? you wonder!
Yes! yesterday is gone, with its worries and cares
And dreams unfulfilled
Opportunities missed
Promises broken
Broken spirits
All is in the past

Today is a new day
The beginning of everything else
Until you crawl back into bed
To think
To worry
To cry
To wish
To plot
To hope
For better things!


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