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Really Now

January 13, 2009

The war between nature and nurture never stops
Reality is a war,
Imagination is a war
War between what is and what is not

Nature and nurture
None exists without the other
None stands in for the other
None compliments the other
A constant war
An unending battle

Nature controls nurture
Nurture controls nature
A sea of confusion
You either feel something or you don’t
In-between is not a word
It is neither a statement
You can’t hide behind it
It can’t protect you
It can’t speak for you
May-be?! – stands for uncertainty
Life has no gray areas
Life has no maybe’s – and certainly no perhaps
Maybe – Perhaps – that’s all imagination
Which is a war between what is
And what is not

In life – so I have learned, there are no maybe’s or perhaps-es
It is either Yes!
Or No!
You either feel
Or feel not

Nature controls how we feel
Nurture teaches us to ignore those feelings
Nature gives us days and nights
Nurture dispels time and seasons – and replaces it with space

If nature was stronger
I’d feel no pain
Feel no hate – wait, hate is a strong word
Feel no resentment
Feel no remorse
Feel no loss
Feel no sadness
Feel no hunger pangs
Feel no need for anything – or anyone
Feel no need for recognition – or praise
Feel no need to move another step
Feel no temper
Feel no fear
Feel no obligation
Feel nothing

I’m a realist – not a pessimist
And if nature truly was stronger
I’d feel no care in the world
Never suffer a broken spirit
Never suffer a broken heart
Never suffer from anguish
Never suffer rejection
Never know pain
Never feel resentment
Never really care
For real



January 13, 2009

The heart bleeds
The eyes turn to a seasonal stream
For the lost moments
The empty words
Unreal feelings
Non-existent expectations
Lost and broken promises
For the affection lost
The hope lost

It’s not the death of people
But the loss of reality
And the entrance of abstract
The loss of a Hope
The loss of Affection
The loss of bright dreams – as they were
The loss of the warm touch
The loss of the beautiful look
The loss of a true self
The loss of vigor

When affection is suddenly cut off
Or silently ignored and let to disintegrate
When a warm touch is withdrawn
When the hollow in the hall is dark and cold
When the draught comes in with all the world’s troubles

When words unspoken
Tend to hurt more than words spoken
When rare glances not caught
Turn to evil stares
When that graceful smile
Turns to a hurtful sneer
When the trust that once was
Turns to suspicion
When contentment turns to dissatisfaction
When admiration turns to resentment
Strong are words unspoken
Hurtful are glances unseen
Honest – is the unfeeling that rules the heart
Spoken through the eyes – hidden by our mouth pieces
But very much alive in our hearts

It is said – The eyes are the window to the heart
We never really choose whom not to love or love
The heart does that on its own
That’s the soul – which is the true self

January 13, 2009

If I were to lie awake at night
Just thinking
Or worrying
Or crying
Or wishing
Or plotting
Or hoping
Then by day break
I’d be more than just tired
I’d be irritable
I’d be sleepy
I’ll almost be dysfunctional
A zombie

Worry only bring ill health
Crying leaves you with sore ‘dry’ eyes
Wishing … well it’s just that, wishing
Plotting, most times evil plotting
Hoping … for a better tomorrow
And come morning
You’ll have to crawl out of the linen
Make yourself presentable
Ready to face the New World
New World? you wonder!
Yes! yesterday is gone, with its worries and cares
And dreams unfulfilled
Opportunities missed
Promises broken
Broken spirits
All is in the past

Today is a new day
The beginning of everything else
Until you crawl back into bed
To think
To worry
To cry
To wish
To plot
To hope
For better things!

January 12, 2009

I don’t really know why Il ike ranting, bad nature I got there. Too bad there’s nothing much we can do about nature.

One question I have, why is it that some people NEVER get it?! Do you have to slurp, snort and break into soliloque every single day for all those daylight hours we are enclosed in these walls?!

So, I decide to be spik and span everyday, and the usual question is, are you going for a date today? Excuse you, can’t a woman dress up for herself and make herself feel good about herself? Halow! Life does not only revolve around the male species.

Hello world!

January 12, 2009

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